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Bexar County Police, Constable Precinct 3
Bexar County Police, Constable Precinct 3 

About Our Office

     When Constable Vojvodich took office, he sought community input into the day to day operations of PCT 3 from Homeowners Associations, Parent-Teacher Organizations, business entities and individual citizens as to what were their priorities for PCT 3; What services did they want their tax dollars expended on and these were the results and what we did to meet those expectations:


     Today, PCT 3 leads the county in effective civil process services, a key issue for our business community. Fast and effective service of citations and other papers, with an11% annual increase in this workload while having a smaller staff than in 2008.


     Increased police patrols in neighborhoods and for special events in any of our four school districts schools. PCT 3 takes the lead for services in school security and school traffic safety, all without an increase in property tax dollars. This ability to respond to community requests for traffic services, neighborhood nuisances such as drug houses, prostitution and vandalism anywhere in PCT 3, to meet a need for services that other agencies were unable to meet was and remains one of the most common requests we hear. PCT 3 covers 10 cities, four school districts, 356 square miles and serves 369,249 people, the largest in Bexar County.


     PCT 3 guides the way in setting standards for service and in leading common sense proposals to save up to 20 million tax dollars over a ten year period, while still providing essential services. Conservative with your tax dollars, innovative in meeting community needs and providing proven performance each day is our goal.


     The citizens in PCT 3 will never accept less in exchange for their tax dollars; they have seen what can be accomplished on essentially the same budget and will demand these quality higher level services and PCT 3 will continue to meet them. Constables are the original Community Policing agencies and we are proud to accept the title of Public Servants.


Bexar County Police,

Constable Precinct 3
8918 Tesoro Dr.

Suite 301
San Antonio, TX 78217

Phone: (210) 335-4750

Fax: (210) 335-4789



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