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Bexar County Police, Constable Precinct 3
Bexar County Police, Constable Precinct 3 

The Constable

      Son of Major General USAF Mele Vojvodich and Ellie Vojvodich, Mark was raised in a military family traveling some 22 states and countries by age 18.  Mark is a 35 year plus veteran paid law enforcement professional with a career spanning almost every possible job assignment from operations to administration.  Mark is married and his wife is a full time ministry student seeking to fulfill her calling.


     Twice elected as Constable, Mark served active duty in the USAF and in the Army National Guard and two years as a Department of State contractor in Baghdad training Iraqi police.  Mark serves in other civic capacities as well, being on his churches administrative board, a board member of his Neighborhood Association and serving by an appointment by the Texas Supreme Court as the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee for Private Process Servers and later on the Private Process Servers advisory board to the Judicial Branch Certification Commission.


     Mark has over 7300 training hours and has a Bachelor of Science (four year) degree and has taught as an adjunct professor at the regional police academy and in teaching academic criminal justice courses at the community college level.


     Mark is a polygraph examiner, completing his initial training at full time attendance at the Texas Department of Public Safety Polygraph School in Austin Texas, the Senior Examiner’s Course. PCT 3 has raised the bar for professional performance in many areas for a constable’s office and has been cited statewide as the example to follow.


      Presently, in other civic service, Mark is a member of his churches administrative board, a member of his Neighborhood Association Board, and for the past 6 years, was and is appointed by the Texas Supreme Court as the Chairman of the Private Process Servers Review Board Disciplinary Committee and later the Private Process Servers Advisory Board under the subsequent Judicial Branch Certification Commission.


     Mark enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1976 and served as a security police officer and narcotics military working dog handler, assigned to Kunsan AFB Korea, Japan, Germany and Lackland AFB.  While in Korea Mark was awarded the Air Force Commendation medal for actions during an off-installation riot. On leaving active duty, Mark served in the USAF reserve as a member of the Joint Armed Forces Military Police Detachment working out of the San Antonio Police headquarters.


     Mark Returned to San Antonio and served as one of the first active duty military police officers permitted to become a civilian police reserve officer, in the PCT 3 Constable’s Office and later in the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office starting at the jail and coming up through the ranks from patrolman, investigator, sergeant, lieutenant and law enforcement captain, each by civil service examination and merit.  Mark served in adult detention, patrol (as patrolman, later as sergeant and as a lieutenant), investigations, internal affairs, commander of the BCSO narcotics division and DEA Federal, State and local narcotics task force.  Continuing his military service, Mark enlisted in the Texas Army National Guard in Counter-Intelligence while working on his civilian career.


     Before running for Constable in PCT 3, Mark served in Baghdad as a police advisor to Iraqi Police for two years on his return, was elected to PCT 3 as its elected chief.  Mark’s education includes a Texas and Colorado GEDs, a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services, specialization in Criminal Justice.


     Mark’s police education includes over 7300 training hours; Mark holds most every certification available to a peace officer in basic ratings, from a reserve officers license, held a jailers license, Basic Peace Officer, Instructor Certificate, Intermediate Peace Officer, Advanced Peace Officer and Master Peace Officer certifications as well as DWI Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Practitioner.


     Mark taught at the San Antonio College as an Adjunct Professor both in the law enforcement academy and teaching academic courses in criminal justice to junior college students.


     Mark applied and attended the in residence, Texas Department of Public Safety Polygraph School for a two and a half month period, to become a polygraph examiner and has completed the Senior Polygraph Course at the Texas Department of Public Safety  and has been practicing since 2010.

     Mark appreciates the privilege of having served PCT 3 residents for the past eight
years and thanks you for your confidence in granting him a second term.

The Constable can be contacted at:

8918 Tesoro Drive, Suite 301
San Antonio, TX 78217
(210) 335-4750
(210) 335-4789 fax




Bexar County Police,

Constable Precinct 3
8918 Tesoro Dr.

Suite 301
San Antonio, TX 78217

Phone: (210) 335-4750

Fax: (210) 335-4789



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