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Bexar County Police, Constable Precinct 3
Bexar County Police, Constable Precinct 3 


Gun Control- Two Indisputable Facts

1.        America should learn its lesson on mass shootings.  Of U.S. shootings, 92%
were in “Gun Free” zones.  In Europe were gun confiscation is used, all mass
shootings were in “gun free” zones. Criminals violate every gun law written and it
deters few if any;  law abiding citizens do not.  Murder is against all state laws and
federal law.  Laws against carrying weapons and other laws did not deter these
shootings.  The problem is never the inanimate object, the gun, it is always the
persons pulling the trigger.
2.        Good guys with guns deter or minimize the human losses in these cases.  An
armed citizen with a concealed carry or armed  police/security forces minimize or
limit the damage these individuals cause.

If we concentrated our efforts on the more likely causes of death by the media and
safety providers, we would all be better off reducing  car crashes, DWI, heart
disease, suicides and poisoning by prescriptions drugs, we would be far better off.

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